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How to Prepare Scrap Metal for Sale

Did you know that many metals can be repeatedly melted down without losing their strength or durability? Because they may be used again and again, they are great for recycling. Recycling conserves both natural resources and energy (compared to starting from scratch by mining and refining raw ore). This is why scrap metal is such a great asset. There are Scrap Metal Pickup services for easier delivery.

There is a wide assortment of scrap metals that can be sold. Here are the most commonly sold scrap metals-


Aluminum is most typically seen in cans, such as those used for soft drinks and alcohol. Dropping a can into the recycling bin might result in it appearing in a store as a brand new can in as little as 60 days. Although aluminum foil is also recyclable, most people discard it in the garbage rather than recycling it. Another good supply of aluminum is window frames.


Some steel mills will only employ scrap to create new steel objects. According to environmental organizations, most steel objects today contain between 25% and 100% recycled content. Steel is widely found in refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers, as well as in smaller goods such as cans (like food tins).

Some metals can not be recycled, but you are probably already aware of the majority of them. Any radioactive metal, such as uranium, plutonium, and other rare radioactive metals, as well as mercury or mercury-containing artifacts, are examples. Lead-containing products, such as cathode ray tubes found in televisions and computer monitors, are also prohibited.

How to Prepare Scrap Metal for Sale

If you have been steadily building a scrap metal collection to sell to a dealer, you must ensure that it has been carefully cleaned before selling to guarantee that you obtain the greatest price possible. Some scrap yards are also known to refuse too unclean metals since it adds more weight (which they then have to pay you for) and is damaging to the metal's melting process. So, how do you clean junk in order to sell it?

Begin by removing any non-metallic elements from your scrap (including rubber and plastic), as these items cannot be recycled and are therefore useless to dealers.

Place these objects in the garbage. Make a thorough search of the scrap for non-metallic items, as they are known to hide in unexpected places.

Spray a degreaser on any oily or greasy areas of the scrap. Allow this to sit for about 30 minutes. Then, take a pressure washer (you may rent one if you do not have one) and spray off all of the dirt, grease, and other debris from the scrap. Wear protective eyewear since the water or debris removed by a pressure washer can have quite a significant force behind it.

After allowing the water to drain from your scrap and allowing it to air dry for a few hours (or overnight), it is now ready to pack into your car or trailer and haul to the dealer's yard for sale. Remember that making your scrap appear as attractive as possible increases your chances of getting the best price and making it much easier to dispose of.

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