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No matter if its Industrial, Residential or Commercial


We Offer Hassle-Free Scrap Metal Pick Up

Every household or business accumulates old equipment and objects that no longer serve a purpose. People tend to hoard these items in their garages or a storage facility at the office. It occupies unnecessary space and becomes an eyesore, especially for homeowners. If that resonates with you, consider a scrap metal pick-up service to assist. A-K Scrap Metal is a reputable scrap collection and recycling company. We offer to take those items off your hands for free while there is an opportunity for you to make extra money with non-ferrous metals.

Benefits of Scrap Metal Pick Up in Sydney 

When you look at the skyline of major cities throughout Australia, construction cranes dominate the view as they’re in the process of constructing new buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure. With the emergence of new structures comes the demolishment of the old. Humans - since the early ages - have discovered it’s easier to recycle residential scrap metal to form new products than to build new items from scratch. Today, we enjoy those benefits and more. 


  • Scrap metal removal positively contributes to the economy and the environment. Removing and recycling these materials results in more space being available in landfills for non-recyclable waste such as food. Consequently, there is less air pollution which is better for everyone on Earth. Additionally, mining new metal from ore releases large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as opposed to creating products from recycled material. These gases are harmful and are the main culprit for climate change. When you engage with a scrap collector to remove your unwanted metal items, you’re contributing to a safer planet. 

  • The metal manufacturing process is rigorous and demands high quantities of energy. Different types of metals require varying amounts of energy. Recycling your metal uses 60 percent less energy than sourcing it from raw materials, while aluminium accounts for 90 percent less energy. To put it into perspective, if you recycle a soft-drink can, it saves enough energy to provide power to a 60-Watt light bulb for more than four hours. 

  • Perhaps the most notable benefit to you is the fact that you can make money from selling your scrap metals. The amount you receive depends on the quality of the scrap, type, and weight. Non-ferrous materials such as copper, brass, electrical cables, aluminium,\ and stainless steel will fetch a higher price than ferrous metals such as iron and steel. 

  • In most cases, people store scraps of metal in their sheds, garages, and yards. It’s unsightly and serves no purpose. However, when you hire scrap metal removers, you can declutter your property and restore the space for its intended use.


Tips for Selecting a Scrap Metal Pick Up Service

Several companies offer scrap metal pickup in Sydney, which makes identifying a suitable one somewhat tricky. Apart from price, there are several other factors to consider which can simplify the process. 


  • Ideally, you want a scrap collector who can travel to your location for your unwanted scrap metal. Flexible operating hours are a must, especially when you don’t have time to make the trip to their yard. This convenience is priceless as you can get rid of the items taking up space on your property without doing much work. 

  • If your scrap metal is coming from old household items, you will likely possess various types of scrap to sell. Find a scrap yard that accepts multiple materials that include copper, aluminium, brass, car batteries, and steel which you may find in washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, and wrecked cars. 

  • In every business transaction, excellent customer service contributes to a positive experience. You should show an interest in your scrap metal dealer to obtain an idea about their work ethic. Consequently, you begin building a rapport with them and can establish mutual loyalty. As a result, you will have a trustworthy metal pick-up service on hand to deliver better rewards for your scrap. 

  • Pricing is a major factor in deciding on which scrap yard to collaborate with, which is why you should research market prices and check them against the deal the scrap yard offers you. Prices will vary depending on supply and demand, but you can pick the brain of a reputable scrap dealer to provide you with advice on the best time for you to let go of your unwanted metal items.

What Sets A-K Scrap Metal Apart Regarding a Scrap Metal in Sydney Pick Up

We’re a family business that has been operating for close to 20 years. As a result, we’ve developed a reputation of being a leader in scrap metal recycling throughout Sydney. Our prompt and fair service are the key characteristics that have catapulted us to this position. We provide a convenient and transparent service by coming out to your location and weighing up your scrap metal on the spot to pay you a reasonable fee. Consequently, the process is hassle-free and saves time for everyone. 

We are available at any time of the day or night and offer 24-hour telephone support if you have questions. There are various types of metal that we buy from customers around Sydney, whether you require us to collect industrial metal scrap, commercial metal scrap, or residential metal scrap. If you have scrap metal lying around, contact us, and we’ll have our team at your location to assist you with decluttering your property.

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